Monday, 26 March 2012


Yesterday Taylor and I went into our current city centre where the fashion show was held the other day to take some photos.It was later at night so no one was around, which made a perfect atmosphere to take some photos! Taylor was wearing her amazing new LIAM coat from RUBY, its so classic and the cut is amazing. And in such a gorgeous colour, vermillion. It wasn’t that cold outside but we had to make an excuse so she could wear it! My mum bought me the dress I am wearing when she last went over to the UK, what great taste she has! I love the length of it and the polka dot pattern. My nail polish is by RUBY it is Smurf and Marina, love this colour combo. Have a great night!! X L&T On Taylor -  LIAM coat (RUBY) Flannel lace shorts, Whitchery shirt, Penelope loves Coco brogues and Chanel Nail Polish  On Lexie - Topshop dress, Madame Hawke (RUBY) cream silk top, DIY Pooh Bear necklace, Jeffery Campbell Corkey wedges, Marina and Smurf nail polish from RUBY

Friday, 23 March 2012

Re:Start Fashion Show

Last night Lexi and I had an amazing time at the Re:Start Fashion show, featured in the Re:Start shopping centre in Christchurch! An amazing set up in the middle of the city, it is made of shipping containers turned into shops which have replaced the earthquake destroyed Cashel Mall. The night featured collections from each store in the shopping centre, I personally loved Ruby's collection and here are a few favourite pictures I got of the night, whats your favourite? X L&T

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Summer Evening

On Taylor - Madam Hawke (RUBY) Fun Skirt and Tee, Penelope and Coco brogues with MAC neon orange lipstick.
On Lexie - Vintage Skirt and Madam Hawke (RUBY) Silk Tee, Country Road Loafers with Dior purple lipstick (my favourite right now!)

Yesterday afternoon it was uncharacteristically warm, even though its the end of summer! So Taylor and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a bike ride in the park, but of course being the girls that we are, we unable to pump up my tire and instead broke the pump!! Haha. However Taylor still had her bike so we rode it to the end of my street and took a walk and photos in Milbrook reserve. It's so beautiful and tranquil down there.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ellerslie Flower Show

On Lexie – Sass and Bide Leopard Jeans, Thrifted Jumper and Whitchery Shoes
On Taylor – Deval Cashmere, Leggings, Scarf, Forever 21 hat and Estillo Boots

The Ellerslie Flower Show recently visited Christchurch and it was a great opportunity for us to check out all the beautiful flowers and of course take some blog photos! Lexi’s recently thrifted her amazing off white jumper and I think it has become a staple in the wardrobe (I will have to steal sometime hehe). My favorite part of my outfit would have to be my hat, a great find a couple seasons ago from forever 21. Hope everyone had a great weekend X T & L

Friday, 9 March 2012

MisteR Launch

On LEXIE - Vintage shirt and skirt, Dotti chain necklace, Jeffery Campbell wedges, coat Madam Hawke from RUBY
On TAYLOR - Moochi pants, Whitchery shirt and wedges
Welcome to our blog! Like the ‘about us’ said we are two girls addicted to fashion who live in a city that is not the most stylish of them all! Forward came about from wanting to be fashion forward and also for our broken city to be able to move forward and build a new better future! We hope you enjoy.